Our Services

Group Walks

Group dog exercise is ideal for high energy dogs, social dogs, and dogs that need a mid-day jaunt while their owners are away at work. Group adventures are the best way to exercise dogs and provide both canine and human companionship and socialisation.

The action begins when we pick up your dog, along with up to four of their play pals! Then we’ll take them to a local safe and clean dog-friendly woodland, beach or park area for some fun. We will often keep dogs on leash for the first 10 minutes; this enables us to structure the walk, clean up after them and encourages good behaviour before being rewarded with off-leash play time and fun.

They’ll get lots of attention from their walker, as well as have lots of time to play, socialise and run with other dogs. We then bring them back to your home “dog tired” after a satisfying exercise outing.

PLEASE NOTE: All dogs are pre-screened for social skills, responsiveness and compatibility for group walks.

Weekend Dog Walk

$ 35

excl GSTWeekends Only

Weekly Walk PackageMost Popular

$ 110

excl GST5 x 1 hour walk per week

Group Dog Walks

$ 25

excl GST1 Hour Group walk

Private One to One Dog Walks

Private walks are great for new puppies, elderly dogs, and dogs that prefer “their own space”. We’ll come to your home, leash up your dog, and take them for up to a 45 minute walk in the area of your choice. We tailor the length and pace of the walk to your pet’s specific needs and ability to ensure they get a sufficient amount of exercise during each visit. Your dog is guaranteed to receive lots of love, attention and exercise!

Price guide for popular walking times, we can also tailor the length to meet your pet’s needs.

Short Walk

$ 35

excl GST30 mins private dog walk

Long WalkMost Popular

$ 50

excl GST45 minute private dog

Additional Dog

$ 15

excl GST Each additional dog

Pet Visits

Daily pet visits are a great relief for pet owners who travel a lot, work long hours, or are simply taking a well-deserved holiday.

Visits are available for any type of pet (dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, birds and more) and include feeding, play/walking, litter tray and/or garden clean up, lots of attention, and basic home maintenance like plant watering, turning lights on/off, opening/closing curtains, bringing in post and newspapers, and home security checks.

Visits can be a good deterrent for potential burglars, and help keep your pets safe, well fed and loved.

Our visits last a minimum of 20 minutes and for dogs can include a 20 minute brisk walk to stretch their legs and do their business outside. Visits can be provided at any time of the day you prefer – morning, midday and evening. For additional dog walking services while you are away please get in contact.

Cat Visit

$ 30

excl GSTUp to 2 Cats. Additional cats $11

Dog Visits

$ 35

excl GST1 dog Visit. Additional Dogs $15

House & Pet Sitting

We provide house sitting in your home to maintain a stable environment and routine for your pets, and ensure the safety of your home while you are away. Great for dogs and pets in need of their home comforts.

House/Pet Sitting includes the following:

  • Pets stay in their home and keep their own routine
  • Free initial visit to meet you and your pet
  • Daily walks 2 walks minimum in any 24hr period
  • 1 on 1 attention and fuss – pats, cuddles and tummy rubs!
  • Any grooming requirements to your pets needs
  • Medications can be administered if required
  • Updates and pictures sent via email and SMS while you are away
  • Post and parcels collected
  • Home/garden/pool cared for and secure
  • Plants watered and poop/litter cleared daily

House Sitting can be a good deterrent for potential burglars, and help keep your pets feeling safe, calm, and loved while you are away.

Per night rate below refers to each 24 hour period.

ALL PUBLIC HOLIDAYS: (specific days named below) – subject to 35% surcharge. Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Sunday & Monday, Christmas Eve/Day & Boxing Day, New Years Eve/Day.

‘Weekend Only’ sits – 20% surcharge applies on Friday & Saturday

50% of any sit fee is payable immediately when the booking is confirmed. The second 50% is payable no later than 14 days prior to the start of the sit*. To give our clients time to book their travel we will hold dates for three days. When notified of your dates we invoice. Important –  your dates are only locked-in on receipt of 50% of the total booking fee. This payment acts as a deposit and is not refundable under any circumstances.

(i)If the final payment is not received within 14 days of the start of the sit the booking will be lost.
(ii)Sits which take place within the 14 days they are booked are payable in full on presentation of invoice.

Dog House Sitting

1-21 nights

$ 60

excl GST$10 per night each extra dog

1-14 nights

$ 40

excl GST$5 per night each extra cat

15-30 nightsMost Popular

$ 35

excl GST$10 per night each extra dog

31+ nights

$ 30

excl GST$5 per night each extra cat